Isora . Lifeworld Of Technology

  Isora heralds the start of 2014 with an heartening mix of 30 tracks by artists like HEL, Gramma, Plank, Quantum Process, Run, Aux, Ploo, Future Funk, Au:Cell, Laris and last but not least himself. All tracks were compiled and mixed by Isora at homeworks studio in 2013. [FuDr_HMW23] Isora […]

The Collective…

    …are Futuredraht’s friends from all over Germany. From C_life via OEG to Berlin and back to Lost City they are presenting the late autumn of 2006. Eleven collective vibes by: Fon, Laris, Klth, Dolby X, Rigaz, Run, Yuquist vs. Nythaks, O.Range and File:Ernestine FuDr 12 Various . Collective