O.range music video release

FOR YOU from Annegret von Feiertag

PRODUCED & DIRECTED by Annegret von Feiertag
DOP Phillip Kaminiak
AC Matthias Maercks
GAFFER Joseph Devitt Tremblay
MUSIC O.range (variFocus)
STYLING Danny Muster assisted by Sabrina Rommel
HAIR&MAKE UP Jessica Karas
ART DEPARTMENT Stefania Marinova
DATA ORG. Jan Eifler
COLOR GRADING Christian Kröhl

SPECIAL THANKS to Camelot Berlin, Mario Lucio Clement, EasyDoesit, Leica S Magazine, Joffrey, Julia & Constantin, Fanny, Kenji

No Budget but a lot of help from all of my friends.



  After a while of extended hibernation the Futuredraht rewires with strong support by friendly artists like: Less Effect (Prof. Dr. Wire), HEL (Mr. Allrounder), Sense (Triangular), Rigaz (From the wood), Phylum Sinter (Master of loudness&distorted beauty), Sirko Drive (Noise Riot), O.range (variFocused), id Submerged (Yet unknown friend), Echtzeit (Puristic […]

The Collective…

    …are Futuredraht’s friends from all over Germany. From C_life via OEG to Berlin and back to Lost City they are presenting the late autumn of 2006. Eleven collective vibes by: Fon, Laris, Klth, Dolby X, Rigaz, Run, Yuquist vs. Nythaks, O.Range and File:Ernestine FuDr 12 Various . Collective