Call for help   Recently updated !

Hey folks, ПС needs your help for their ongoing project. They are searching speeches of politicians that call for regulation of the internet (or related) in as many as possible different languages. Preferably audio- or videofiles. If you have something, please post it in the comments and if it’s a longer speech please point us […]


Thank You!

We want to thank all our friends and supporters for a great year. 2014 truly has been special with the outstanding album by _Nyquist and of course the Drahtcamp in september. We wish you all a successful new year and hope we can make 2015 as exciting as we managed to do last year. To […]


The Charlie Cube

Stavanger Makerspace hosted meetups to build a 4x4x4, RBG-LED, Arduino-controlled “charlie cube”. A charlie cube, originally designed by Asher Glick and Kevin Baker, uses a minimum of components and can be made very cheap by using just an Arduino nano. Fellow maker Finn Espen Gundersen did a detailed write-up on that project. If you are […]

charlie cube