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Isora . Lifeworld Of Technology

  Isora heralds the start of 2014 with an heartening mix of 30 tracks by artists like HEL, Gramma, Plank, Quantum Process, Run, Aux, Ploo, Future Funk, Au:Cell, Laris and last but not least himself. All tracks were compiled and mixed by Isora at homeworks studio in 2013. [FuDr_HMW23] Isora […]

Random Audio . La Musique Fantastique




Futuredraht proudly presents: “Random Audio . La musique fantastique” 2011, inspired by the partially animated czech movie “The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (engl. title)” from 1958 by Karel Zeman, that is based on some of the books from the “Voyages Extraordinaires (Extraordinary Voyages) -Series” by Jule Verne.