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  Isora heralds the start of 2014 with an heartening mix of 30 tracks by artists like HEL, Gramma, Plank, Quantum Process, Run, Aux, Ploo, Future Funk, Au:Cell, Laris and last but not least himself. All tracks were compiled and mixed by Isora at homeworks studio in 2013. [FuDr_HMW23] Isora […]


  After a while of extended hibernation the Futuredraht rewires with strong support by friendly artists like: Less Effect (Prof. Dr. Wire), HEL (Mr. Allrounder), Sense (Triangular), Rigaz (From the wood), Phylum Sinter (Master of loudness&distorted beauty), Sirko Drive (Noise Riot), O.range (variFocused), id Submerged (Yet unknown friend), Echtzeit (Puristic […]

Multi Label Release: Nicola Tesla 155

  Nicola Tesla have had his 155th birthday on 10th July 2011. Yet even three netlabels {Bleepsequence (US), Diggarama (HR) and Zimmer Records (DE)[follow the links to the actual releases]} consolidated and called for participation to tribute his creative work and his ideals. Aerror contributed a track called “Distant Connection”. […]