Aerrortation – Confidential Expressions

    Madera and Aerror teamed up to create an excellent mix for the Aerrortation podcast – Enjoy! Ps: Unfortunately it seems impossible right now to embed the player widget so please follow the link above.    

Пc is on a list

  The kind guy(s) of the Pilot Eleven Netlabel have put together a list of their 30 favorite free music releases in 2015 and chose Пc’s “Waking Up In A Pancake Dream” to be part of that list. From our point of view Pilot Eleven Netlabel has been one of the main pushers and […]

Пc and Aerronautic teamed up for some accidental homeworks

  When Пc and Aerronautic hooked up in the studio to get to know with each other, they had no idea how it would turn out at the end. Having never played together before and coming from completely different musical backgrounds they quickly adapted to each other and just jammed […]